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‘Teachers must stay in work stations’

10 May 2016

The call was made here yesterday by the Deputy Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Mr Suleiman Jaffo, when responding to a supplementary question from Mr Kanyasu John (Geita Urban – CCM). The legislator wanted to know what were the government’s directives to new teachers so they can stay and teach in rural areas instead of seeking transfers to urban areas.

Mr Jaffo said the behaviour exhibited by some new teachers who refuse to teach in rural areas was not acceptable, noting that it is one of the main challenges facing his ministry and the ministry of education, science, technology and vocational training.

The minister acknowledged the challenge and added that the government will in the near future employ new teachers who will be deployed in rural areas with priority in six regions facing shortage of teachers. The regions include Kigoma, Rukwa, Katavi and Geita, adding that directives will be issued to the new teachers to stay in areas where they have been assigned to teach.

“They all must stay in their areas of appointment but it could also be possible that some of you Members of Parliament (MPs) assist these teachers in obtaining transfers to urban area by writing memos. This is one of the reasons why rural areas lack teachers,” he explained.

In his basic question, the legislator wanted to know why Nyankumbo Girls Secondary School, built by Geita Gold Mine is now a day school instead of a boarding school as it was initially planned. Mr Jaffo said the district council must forward a request to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, to get a permit to have the school changed into boarding.

Mr Kasuku Bilago (Buyungu - Chadema), in his supplementary question wanted to know government’s plan of building ‘A’ level secondary schools in Kokonko District, noting that there is no secondary school providing that level of education. Mr Jaffo promised to use ward school system to have ‘A’ level secondary school in the district.