What are the main features of FlashGet Kids as a parental control app?

With smartphones and Internet develop, so now many parents are more worried about their children online safety. Given the increasing prevalence of internet risks, such as dishonorable content, cyberbullying, and online predators, maybe will hurt children, So parents are looking for effective ways to manage parental control app their children online activities.FlashGet Kids has some features can help children stay safe online. Lets see FlashGet Kids important parts which help parental control appfor their children online.

FlashGet Kids is an app helps parents control their children.

1. Live Monitoring:

FlashGet Kids has a special feature, Parents can in real time to watch their child's online activities. So that means parents can easily keep track of their children internet activities, such as browsing history, app usage, and video watching situation. By this monitoring, Parents are able to quickly identify any potentially dangerous behavior and take appropriate steps to fix.

2. One-way audio and a remote camera:

Flashget Kids goes providing one-way audio and a remote camera, Above traditional monitoring options. Parents can see their children surroundings just like they were there. When the camera and microphone turn on, parents can see and hear what their childdren surroundings in real-time. This can helps parents know their child is or not safe and happy.

3. Mirroring the screen:

FlashGet Kids has a feature called screen mirroring, That can lets parents record everything their childdren screen in real-time. So, Parents can look at screenshots of their childdren screen to make sure child use phone safely and suitably.

4. Tracker for Notifications: 

The notifications tracker function lets parents know what their children doing on their phone in real time. Whatever of the app, website, or social media, Parents can monitor their children internet activity and make action if they needed.

5. Tracking by GPS:

Tracking by GPS:FlashGet Kids has a strong location tracking function, Because safety should not just means internet activity. By knowing where their child is in real time, parents can make sure they are safe at all. So, When children is out of sight or in strange places. Parents also can feel comfortable.

6. Screen Time Management:

Nowadays, has so mant internet , for children, It is more important to control how much time they can spend on phone. Use FlashGet Kids tools to managing screen time, parents can limit how many times their kids can use phone and encourage them to be good online.

7. App Tracking and Blocking:

By blocker and monitoring tool. Parents can control which apps their kids can use. This tool lets parents make sure their kids are only see safe, age-appropriate information.

FlashGet also have many features for Kids:

Parents can Monitor children online activities and let them away from all risks.

App Blocker – 

Daily Usage – 

Alerts and Notifications – 

Location Tracker – 

Geofences – 

Snapshot –

For more information, Visit: https://parental-control.flashget.com/

No doubt, FlashGet Kids is a very good parental control tool. FlashGet Kids can helps parents to keep children safe online and let children make good internet habits. Also by use far away cameras, Parents can watch everythings in real time, Find where children are, and check what children see online. For parents, Especially for who want to good raise child in the modern internet age. FlashGet Kids is a good resource.


Q: What devices does FlashGet Kids support?

A: Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android.

Q:How much does FlashGet Kids cost?

A:There are different plans, starting at $4.99 a month, and there is a 14-day free trial.

Q:How to download FlashGet Kids?

A:Download FlashGet Kids through the official website.