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Why does my phone only display SOS? A Complete Guide to Troubleshooting

Why does my phone only display SOS? A Complete Guide to Troubleshooting
9/6/23 12:56 PM
Your phone's "SOS Only" message could be annoying and perplexing. Despite the fact that this problem occasionally affects a lot of individuals, you are not alone. Why Does My Phone Say SOS Only? , as well as a comprehensive troubleshooting guide, are both offered in this internet post.

Illustrations of "SOS Only"

Your phone will say "SOS Only" if all you can do is make emergency calls and cannot access the regular cellular network. This typically occurs due to network problems, a bad signal, or a SIM card issue.

Reasons Often Given for the "SOS Only" Message

The following are some of the most typical explanations for why you could receive this notification on your phone:

Signal Strength Is Poor
Your phone will not be able to connect to the network if you are in an area with poor network coverage.

SIM Card Problems
If your SIM card is broken or poorly placed, this warning may also appear.

network problems
Network service provider subscribers can have trouble connecting.

How to Resolve the "SOS Only" Problem

Set your phone apart.
Restarting your phone is often the easiest and most efficient fix.

Replace the SIM card.
Before being reinserted, the SIM card needs to be thoroughly checked for any obvious damage.

Resetting your network settings is a good idea.
Change your phone's settings to suit your network preferences.

Call the number for customer service.
Contact the customer support department of your service provider if the problem continues or if you require additional assistance.

Why does my phone only display SOS?

Q1: If my phone indicates SOS Only, can I still make ordinary calls?
A1: Only an emergency should be reported.

Is there a problem that solely concerns my device?
A2: Phones from many different brands and using a variety of operating systems can display the "SOS Only" notification.

A3: How long do network outages often last?
A3: Service providers frequently resolve problems in a day or two, however response times do vary.


Many phone users frequently encounter the "SOS Only" notification. Understanding why your phone displays SOS Only is the first step in fixing the problem, despite the fact that it can be uncomfortable. With the help of the troubleshooting advice in this blog post, you can resume enjoying seamless connectivity. For more How to Fix the Orange Screen of Death on Windows