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How to Reduce Lag Effectively When Playing Minecraft

How to Reduce Lag Effectively When Playing Minecraft
minecraft guide how to reduce lag in minecraft how to fix high ping in minecraft
6/23/21 6:49 PM
When playing Minecraft or any other game, you will be very annoyed and annoyed when it comes to lag, right? Fighting to kill the monster that it jerks once, after a while I find myself on the "altar next to the chicken", extremely uncomfortable. If you look at the graphics of Minecraft, it is thought that a weakly configured machine also plays well, no problem.

But not!

Even the highly configured device will still jerk, lag the roof if not installed correctly. Minecraft world is a vast world, so we need to "limit" a few things to have the best experience, especially weak configuration machines.
3 common types of lag in Minecraft
When we know the cause of lag, we will take measures to fix them. Here I will list out 3 common types of lag that players often encounter, note that this is just a term in Minecraft game.
Frames per second: Also known as "FPS", the number of frames per second. This indicator depends on your computer, if the device is weak then it is weak = low score and vice versa. Usually, in addition to upgrading computers, people often find ways to re-optimize the game. It also means that there will be trade-offs for the game's graphics, which means that the game will be worse, but give users a better, smoother experience. And that's why you're here! Re-optimized Minecraft to reduce LAG.
Tick ​​per second: Also known as "TPS", this index maxes out at 20. When it decreases, the more lag your server is playing. You have no way of fixing it other than the server operator, they will have their own ways to improve TPS. Usually when you donate to a server. The server operator will spend that money to upgrade the server to be more powerful and thus improve the TPS.
Ping: This word is certainly no stranger to gamers, when ping high you will have the phenomenon of kickback. The ping depends on the network provider or the destination server. If you are playing in a server, everyone feels lag all the time, it is due to poor server transmission and vice versa, if you are alone, the lag is caused by the network provider.
Reduce lag when configuring settings in Minecraft + Optifine
The first thing you need to do is install an expansion pack provided by a 3rd party, which allows us to customize all things related to effects, images, plants and chives in the game Minecraft. . With the name Optifine, every veteran player knows this expansion pack.

But for the standard configuration to make the game run smoother and faster, not everyone knows it.
After installing the Optifine package, go to the section called "Installing Images".

Press ESC -> Options -> Picture Settings ->
Graphics: Fast, change the structure of leaves, clouds, water, and shadow objects. <- Important
Rendering distance: x chunk (x is a number), in fact this is your vision in the game, the higher you set it, the farther you will see it, however in LAN mode or play On ONLINE servers, the person who set up the server (admin) has limited the visibility to minimize the resources that the server uses, usually the limit will be 5-15, so even if you set the No matter how high they are, they will only see the limits they have set. My recommendation is only 6-8 is enough to play. <- Extremely important
The maximum frame limit: Unlimited, as described "Unlimited", helps you to remove the FPS limit, but in my opinion too much is not good, my computer here, if I do Remove the limit the machine will heat up and the radiator fan starts buzzing, very annoyed so I only leave 120 for the same. My recommendation is "depending on your experience". <- Important
Use VBOs: On, use Vertex Buffer Object to help load faster, related to ‘Performance…’ should be on. <- Important
optifine 1.16.5

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