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Prevention of color blindness

Prevention of color blindness
6/8/23 10:03 AM
Hereditary color blindness is an incurable disease, so it is necessary to practice habits to live with this disease. Keep in mind the order of traffic light colors for safe traffic. Note the colors, rearrange the order of colors for easy identification when needed.
If there is any abnormality in vision, it is necessary to see a doctor for timely examination, diagnosis and treatment.
It is necessary to support patients with color vision disorders to avoid unfortunate consequences that may occur in daily life.
Occupations that require accurate color discrimination should be avoided such as: designer, driver, painter, teacher.
You can check your color blindness in general with the color blind test before going to the hospital.
Currently, there is no cure for hereditary color blindness, but prenatal diagnosis can confirm the disease.
Treatment of medical diseases that can lead to color blindness such as diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma, etc.
Check your health, chromosome set before getting married to see if anyone has it, to avoid future children getting the disease.
When in contact with chemicals, eye protection must be worn.
Avoid eye and head injuries, easy to damage vision.
Do not self-medicate without a doctor's prescription.
Consult your doctor in case of abnormal vision problems.