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The best Online Quran learning for kids and adults #

The best online Quran classes and Tajweed for kids In this topic, the BeIN Quran website shows you some specific means and methods for memorizing Quran online for kids. But first, we must answer some of the questions that resonate in the minds of parents. #


When does my son start to join classes to learn Quran for kids? #

Why should my kid memorize the Holy Quran? #

Are reading Quran and understanding it not enough? #

The process of memorizing the Book of God Almighty is in itself an honor and dignity, whether the memorizer can memorize the entire Quran or part of it. The Quran preserves your child, preserves his mind, increases your child’s intelligence, speed of intuition, and eloquence, and strengthens his personality. #


Frequent repetition of the verses of the Quran elevates the status of your child. #

With the blessing of your child’s Quran memorization , God will clothe you with the garment of dignity in the Hereafter. #


The memorizer – Hafiz- of the Quran has honors that no one else has, and every Muslim should know them. #

Learn Quran for free #

Which is more important: memorizing and learning Quran for kids, understanding it, or both? #

We believe that memorization is more important for the following reasons #

5 reasons to learn Quran for kids #

Childhood is an irreplaceable opportunity to memorize the Book of God Almighty elaborately and unforgettably, It is impossible to see an adult human being who has the same ability to memorize as a child, That is why it was said that knowledge in childhood is like engraving on a stone. #

The child has free time and mind, which helps him a lot to memorize, and we should take advantage of that before he grows up and his preoccupations abound. #

It is well known that many sins and disobedience lead to difficulty in memorizing the Noble Quran. #

As for the child, his page is white, there are no sins written for him, so Quran memorization for kids is easier. #

Understanding Quran is a lifetime project in which authors have written over time. And we can’t know all about it, even if we lived for ages, not just one, so why do we disrupt the process to learn Quran for kids that are restricted to a small time for the sake of the process of understanding that accompanies the child’s whole life? #

There are many verses of the Noble Quran whose meanings are difficult for the child in particular, who began to memorize at an early age. #

Does this mean that we do not explain any of the verses to learn Quran to kids? #

Of course, we should show the meanings of the Quran to kids. We should explain to the child what he memorizes in particular strange vocabulary and tell him the stories found in the verses if any. #


The difference between interpretation and application when learning Quran for kids #

We do not make memorization and interpretation accompany, but each of them is in a separate lesson. At the time of memorization, we read to him a correct reading of the amount he will memorize and we explain to him the strange vocabulary that he asks us only. Then we focus on memorizing completely. #


But at the time of interpretation, we do not concern ourselves with memorizing, but rather by explaining the meanings of the verses and how to apply them only. #


Therefore, if the child has a strong memory, he will memorize a much larger amount than he understands, and we do not find a problem in that because his memory at a young age is already stronger than his ability to comprehend meanings. #


For example; The five-year-old child memorizes excellently, but does he understand the unseen with the same ability? We do not think so … #


What is the best way to learn online Quran for kids? #

It depends on your knowledge of your child because you are the ablest to know what he likes and how to take from him what you want easily. #


And what we will mention here are just ideas that you can quote from: #


At a young age (younger than the reading age): #

What is adopted at this stage is indoctrination, whether the tutor is a teacher, a parent, a recording, or a mobile application. #

The important thing is that the indoctrination takes place in an atmosphere of concentration so that the reading reaches the child correctly, with clear pronunciation and an appropriate speed, so that he can repeat it behind you in the same way. #

Teaching Quran to kids without tajweed is prohibited. #

Rather, it is one of the most common mistakes when memorizing because it causes the child to establish mistakes that are very difficult to correct later. #

Learn Quran online #

Tajweed is never difficult for a child, at this age he will acquire it by listening without knowing what the rulings are. #

Contrary to what some think, recitation with tajweed is very interesting for children. #


At this age, we rely on a very short memorization time because the child loses focus quickly. #

A period of 10 minutes straight may be the most a child can handle. When the child feels bored and loses focus, we stop or take a break. #


 At the older age (beginning with the reading age): #

A child at this age can memorize on his own if the amount is read to him correctly once and then he repeats it. #


The best online Quran classes for kids in 2023 #

The best online Qurna classes for females in 2023 #


We can make the child hear the amount that he will memorize once, then ask him to repeat the recitation once, a correct recitation then memorizes on his own by looking at the Mushaf and repeating to you by heart what he has memorized. #


Attention should be paid to setting an appropriate amount of his energy and then gradually increasing the amount of conservation as he rises in his abilities. #


learn Quran for kids #

Also, attention should be paid to cumulative memorization, i.e. memorizing half a page, for example, and repeating it the next day with the addition of some verses to it. #

A day in the week should be set aside to review the memorization of the entire week. #


It is very important to allocate one Quran for kids that are comfortable with their eyes. Children should memorize the same Quran every time, as this helps greatly in facilitating the memorization process. #

The best Quran course online #

Bein Quran hand-picks only the best tutors who graduated from Al AZHAR University to guide our students through their learning trips with us Therefore we select each Quran teacher and Arabic teacher carefully. In addition, all of them are super qualified. Moreover, they are very honest tutors. So let us introduce them to you and learn more about our Learn Quran courses or Arabic Language Courses #

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