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a man to be in charge

a man to be in charge
1/25/22 7:10 PM
The Virgin and the Gipsy
Is the discipline focus limiting your relationship?
A gentle giant who loves and serves the woman he leads
A woman must know that her man cares
He's in charge. . . but I do it my way
Do the right thing - be the captain of your ship
Given a choice between two men ...

I am of the opinion that once given the power that Blush speaks of in her fifth paragraph of her article it is the leader of the relationship's responsibility to recognize this type of behaviour and or any other abnormal behaviour and address it properly.
I am also of the opinion that the head of the household or leader of the relationship at least in my case, has three main responsibilities when taking control of the relationship. Those being my wife's health, safety and welfare. I am very rigid when it comes to these aspects. My wife, like most, has a rebellious side to her and also is very independent, but she desires those walls surrounding her and when she feels that they are not there and rock solid she will begin to push at them just to see how far they can be pushed.
Respectfully, Race
by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Apr 7 - 15:37 | reply to this comment
I think it's possible to bring this kind of thing up and show him why what he is insisting you do is a little on the rigid side and as long as you accomplish what is supposed to be accomplished why not do it in your own way?
I nap every morning for 3 to 4 hours after my son leaves for school. I'll be happy to do your napping for you. Is there some medical reason why he insists you nap?
by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Apr 7 - 18:14 | reply to this comment
I'm a pusher
Race, I do the same things and for the same reason: to feel my mate's love, care and concern for me. I think of it as pushing to be put back in my box. I want the walls, I want the boundaries and limitations. It's one very important way I feel loved and cherished. For me, pushing is not a way for me to talk to him about adjusting a particular requirement. I push because I need to feel the solidity and strength of the walls. Flexibility and pushing are two different things to me.
Jett's Girl
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