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2/2/22 11:47 PM as a reply to ruslan kilr Kolt.
It is very difficult to do it by yourself without knowledge, and there are a lot of people of different specialties involved in the creation of applications. To know how to create an investing app and do it as competently as possible and without much harm to your budget - I advise you to contact this company . The guys are professionals in their business, they work with many well-known companies and implement their projects to life!
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6/3/22 11:23 AM as a reply to anton romanoich few.
ShopSavvy Releases Feature-Rich Update for Windows Phone 7.5

ShopSavvy today announced a new, feature-rich release of ShopSavvy for Windows Phone, designed to fully leverage the enhancements in the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update.

Scanner app for iphone, the top shopping app on the iPhone and Android platforms with more than 20 million downloads, was initially released for Windows Phone in December 2010 and has been one of the most popular apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace ever since.

Here at ShopSavvy we love local merchants. Our users want to know what all their options are both online and local presented in a neutral and unbiased way— not just merchants in Amazon’s marketplace.  They want this presented without favoritism so they can make good buying decisions about product selection and where to buy.  Buying from Amazon is great and for many habitual, but did you know in our system they are the lowest priced choice only 7% of the time? If you buy from Amazon, you are not always getting the best deal and they certainly don’t work to get you local options.

According to the host developer of Shopsavvy for Windows Phone, Matias Shapiro, “The new scanner app for iphone releases fully uses the METRO user interface and improved mangoes to create a smooth, pleasant and effective experience for users. We expect mobile users who hug Windows Phone 7.5 will be very fun to buy with Shopsavvy in their hands. ”

New functions in Shopsavvy for Windows Phone include:

- Fast scanning UPC and QR codes (now live in the application);

- Hundreds of transactions from retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and much more;

- Integration with Bing Vision, which allows users to scan a product with Bing and get the results of an unsurpassed Shopsavvy database of 20 million products and tens of thousands of retail sellers;

- New social functions, such as the opportunity to see nearby scanning of scanner app for iphone users, close to you;

- Users can turn their home page into a shopping list by fixing their favorite products on a home screen to instantly see the lowest prices.

User Gen versus Action Shots in ShopSavvy

Millions of ShopSavvy users have, at one time or another, updated the photo of a product. When we added the ability for users to edit product images, titles, retailers and prices we were surprised how many users added ‘action shots’ of products. What is the difference between a user generated product image and an action shot? The original intent was for users to add photos of products that didn’t have an image or those with low quality images. Action shots often include the user holding the product or perhaps the user’s dog holding the product. There are SOOOOO many great pictures that users have uploaded we decided it would be fun to let you see them in the app. Beginning in our latest Android release (i.e. it is not in our current iOS release) in the lower right corner of the product preview page (i.e. the one with the product picture) you will see a ‘Photos’ icon. You can click here to see and vote on action shots submitted by other users. You can also add your own action shots. You can still ‘edit’ the photo in the options menu, but now you have a quick an easy way to add fun action shots. Since we have more than 20,000,000 user photos in our system we can’t comb through them all and determine which are user gen and which are action shots – instead we are starting fresh so you won’t see many action shots to start with.
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