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Cookie Clicker's goal is to click cookies and buy upgrades. This game's simplicity has maintained my attention for so long. In v.0.125, the game has no ending, therefore upgrades are unlimited (as far as I can tell, anyway). Each upgrade grants five seconds of clicks (cookies). A grandma will earn you five extra cookies every five seconds, a factory will reward you twenty, and so on.

We enjoy Cookie Clicker today. Playsaurus published Orteil and DashNet's game. Cookie Clicker is a baking idle game. 2013 online release; ongoing development. This is the 1 September 2021 Steam version.

Simple game goals. More cookies! Empty glass, no milk or cookies. I wish each click gave a cookie in real life. You'll get an enhanced idle clicker eventually. More cookies equals more store upgrades. You'll quickly soar from 1 cookie each click to farms, baking thousands or millions in a short time. You may buy power-ups with cookies. Such as your cookie farm double in effectiveness or click rates rising.

You can buy upgrades to increase idle cookies per second as your cookie balance grows. Once you reach the next balance milestone, you can upgrade. Grandma, Farm, Mine, and Factory are early upgrades. Rest, you must discover.

Legacy section goals include baking a trillion cookies. After this, you can prestige. This will bring you back to the beginning of your trip with permanent boosts. Watch out for golden sweets while playing. Once triggered, they deliver a powerful brief boost, such as frenzy mode tripling your cookie production.

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