17 May 2022 Sheila Mfunami
GEITA region has spent 3.1bn/- so far to complete the first phase of construction of a modern livestock auction market at Buzilayombo Village in Chato District in the region. The project is being implemented at a total budget of 4.8bn/- by contractors-the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and the Tanzania Building Agency (TBA). That was stated over the weekend by Geita Regional Commissioner, Ms Rosemary Senyamule, on her official visit to the project which was officially launched in 2020. She said out of the total amount, about 900m/- has been provided by the Sixth Government Phase, under President Samia Suluhu Hassan in the current financial year, aimed at developing and completing the project. “This project, once fully completed, will boost more livestock businesses…the project is good and looks interesting, what is needed now is setting up work plans, we have no reason to delay,” she said. “Let’s make sure that we appropriately use this huge and costly government investment, because we no longer want to see people continue running livestock trade in the wrong places,” she insisted. Chato District Livestock and Fisheries Head of Department, Dr Elfas Msenya said the auction is expected to host about 700 to 1000 herds of cattle and 400 to 500 goats per day. “The special auction day will be on Saturday every week and the council will charge 1000/- for a cow, and 500/- for a goat whereas central government levies will be 6000/- per a cow and 1500/- per a goat,” Dr Msenya added. Reached for a comment, a resident of Buzilayombo village, Mr Mbaruku Hamza, acknowledged that the auction is going to open doors for livestock business opportunities for Chato and Geita pastoralists and in turn raise the livelihoods of the people more details ...


16 May 2022 Sheila Mfunami
Wakala wa Usajili wa Biashara na Leseni (BRELA), imeibuka mshindi wa pili kati ya taasisi 15 za Serikali zilizoshiriki kutoa huduma kwenye maonesho ya Tano ya Mifuko ya Programu za Uwezeshaji Wananchi Kiuchumi, mkoani Morogoro. Akizungumza mara baada ya kukabidhiwa tuzo hiyo ya ushindi wa pili na Waziri wa Uwekezaji, Viwanda na Biashara Dkt. Ashatu Kijaji (Mb), jana tarehe 14 Mei, 2022, Afisa Mtendaji Mkuu wa BRELA, Bw. Godfrey Nyaisa amesema, ushindi huo umetokana na huduma ambazo maafisa wa BRELA wamekuwa wakizitoa kwa wananchi wa Manispaa ya Morogoro wakati wote wa maonesho. Bw. Nyaisa amesema wakati wote wa maonesho wananchi wamefurika kwa wingi katika banda la BRELA kupata elimu na kurasimisha biashara zao huku wengi wakikamilisha usajili wa majina ya biashara na kutoka na cheti cha usajili papo kwa papo. “Lengo kuu la kushiriki Maonesho haya ni kutoa huduma bora na kwa muda mfupi, ili kufanikisha hilo wafanyakazi wote wamekuja na vitendea kazi, hivyo mwananchi akifika banda la BRELA anapata majibu ya maswali yake yote pamoja, ushauri na huduma ya papo kwa papo,” amefafanua Bw. Nyaisa. Bw. Nyaisa amewasihi wafanyabiashara kutumia mfumo wa usajili kwa njia ya mtandao kurasimisha biashara zao kwani huduma hiyo kwa sasa ni rahisi na inamuwezesha muombaji kupata huduma bila kufika katika ofisi za taasisi hiyo. Aidha Bw. Nyaisa amesema kuwa mfumo uliopo sasa wa urasimishaji biashara ni rahisi na rafiki zaidi kwa waombaji wote walio mjini na vijijini, hivyo ni vyema wafanyabiashara kuacha tabia ya kuwatumia "vishoka" kurasimisha biashara zao. “Kwa sasa mfanyabiashara sio lazima kufika kwenye ofisi za zetu, unaweza kupata huduma ukiwa hata sebuleni kwako na ukapata cheti bila ya usumbufu wowote,”amesisitiza Bw. Nyaisa. Taasisi iliyoshinda nafasi ya kwanza katika maonesho hayo yaliyohitimishwa jana ni Shirika la Posta Tanzania, huku Mfuko wa Taifa wa Hifadhi ya Jamii (NSSF) ikichukua nafasi ya tatu. more details ...


06 Jun 2020 Robertha Makinda
THE Ministry of Agriculture has expressed its zeal to invest heavily to revitalise and boost the production of Pyethrum from the current 2400 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes per year by 2025. Responding to a question from Mbeya Rural MP Oran Njeza, Minister for Agriculture Japhet Hasunga said that through the implementation of the 10- Year Strategic Plan (2011-2021) that targets at strengthening pyrethrum production in southern regions, the government is implementing several measures to ensure that the farmers benefit from the crop. In his basic question, Njeza wanted the government's plan in increasing production as well as boosting the access of the pyrethrum cash crop to the growing demand at the global market. Minister Hasunga said that in a bid to increase production of the crop the government has decided to bring together farmers into forming groups where so far a total of 137 groups of farmers have been formed. "Through formation of these groups farmers have been exposed to knowledge that has led to improvements in the quality of the produced yield which has steadily improved to 1.3 per cent against the international required average standard of 1.24 percent," Hasunga said. According to him, the government has continued to encourage farmers to join the Agriculture Marketing Co-operative Societies (AMCOs) where so far three AMCOs have been registered and other 10 are in the final stages of registration. He asserted that despite all these efforts, the governmnet will also continue to provide education to farmers on the application practices (GAPs) to increase production and improve the quality of market that meets the global market demand. The government will continue to encourage investment especially value addition where there are currently two processing plants in the country, namely Tanextract factory located in Inyala Region and Pyrethrum Company of Tanzania (PCT) factory located in Mafinga, Iringa Region," he said. He however added that the industries are capable of processing between 2800 and 3000 tonnes each per annum. The government will continue to encourage farmers to engage in commercial agriculture through the contract farming system. The government will also continue to conduct domestic and foreign market research using envoys representing Tanzania in ther respective countries to ensure that the country wins access to the global pyrethrum market," he added. more details ...
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